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TRACK REPAIR & CONSTRUCTION RMSI specializes in railroad contracting. A major part of railroad contracting is building new track and maintaining existing track. Just like the highways we drive on, railroad track must be maintained or accidents will happen. Maintaining your track infrastructure maintains your bottom line. Don’t allow your track system to compromise your company’s safety record. INSPECTION/SWITCH MAINTENANCE AND PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE RMSI has FRA qualified track inspectors that will provide detailed inspection reports and suggested course of action for each issue noted. RMSI can perform the necessary repairs safely and economically to keep your company on track. RMSI can also lengthen the lifespan of the moving parts of your switch by adjusting and lubing them which, in turn, saves you time and money. EMERGENCY REPAIRS If a derailment occurs at your facility, RMSI can re-rail the cars, repair the cars, track, and get your track back in service quickly and safely. RMSI can also dispatch crews immediately if the your interchange or servicing railroad requires repairs to your tracks before they will send in their locomotives. NEW CONSTRUCTION From the idea, to the design and permits and railroad approvals, to the construction of the new tracks, RMSI is the company to call. RMSI will take your goal and develop a plan that efficiently moves your product by rail and makes it a reality.
P .O. Box 848, Col um bia, P A 17512 T el ephone: 717-342-2031 Fax : 717-342-2649 E-M ail - info@rmsrail .com
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Complete Railcar Service, Repair, Rebuilding Inspection and Maintenance
FRA Qualified Track Inspection De-rail/Re-rail equipment Track Alignment design New Track Construction Lining/Tamping/Surfacing Switch and Track Maintenance Siding and Switch improvements Weed Control Drainage improvements Tie and Rail Replacement Emergency Service Crossing replacement Customized Maintenance/Monitoring Plans
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