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RAIL MECHANICAL SERVICES, INC P.O. Box 848, Columbia, PA 17512  717-342-2031 Fax: 717-342-2649  E-Mail -  Resort / Leisure Division   New Equipment:  If you are interested in new resort or theme park rail equipment, RMSI can help.  Our close relationship with Severn-Lamb, a world leader in rail, rubber-tired and monorail people movers and transportation devices, provides us with the solutions to your transportation needs.  Severn Lamb high quality products use the latest technology, engineering and manufacturing techniques to provide you with a reliable, well documented and tested ride equipment fully compliant with ASTM-F24.  Service, Parts and Knowledge for the long term:  Existing theme park and resort equipment is often as unique as the facility that owns it.  Locomotives, cars and track are often custom designs that outlive their manufacturers.  This equipment also can be steam, diesel/electric, diesel/hydraulic or gas driven.  No matter the drive system, RMSI can assist with parts and service of your unique system.  Hydrostatic drive systems, boilers, as well as gas and diesel drives are no problem for our experienced staff.  The RMSI Special Projects Team excels at sourcing and reverse engineering obsolete or hard to find parts.  When systems or components have reached the end of their useful life, RMSI can provide long-term, reliable solutions from re-hab/re-build services, to entirely new, professionally designed systems.  Affordable Service Management Plans:  RMSI understands that certain facilities do not have trained or qualified people to carry out certain inspections or maintenance activities.  RMSI can assist theme parks and attractions with planning, record keeping and even carrying out annual inspections, tear-downs and scheduled re-builds on rail or people moving equipment.  This work is all in accordance with ASTM F24.   Maintenance activities and re-build work can be done at one of our facilities, or at yours. RMSI has the capability to perform repairs on all kinds of rail equipment, people movers and all gauges of train track and crossings.  RMSI has the engineering experience to reverse engineer, document and manufacture components that are no longer available, or source hard to find components from obsolete systems.
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