P .O. Box 848, Col um bia, P A 17512 717-342-2031 Fax : 717-342-2649 E-M ail - info@rmsrail .com
P .O. Box 848, Col um bia, P A 17512 T el ephone: 717-342-2031 Fax : 717-342-2649 E-M ail - info@rmsrail .com
Locomotive – Chris Freed: (717) 342-2031 x105
Don’t let your locomotive repair and maintenance needs become a strain on your operations or employees. RMSI has the expertise that will make your locomotives safer, more reliable, and keep downtime to a minimum. We can customize our services to meet your individual needs and budget. RMSI repairs all models from EMD, GE or ALCO for our customers who include industrial operations, short line, regional and Class 1 Railroads. HEAVY MAINTENANCE/REBUILDS RMSI has the equipment and know-how to handle complete rebuilds, engine and main generator change outs, electrical system repairs and rewiring, wheel and traction motor change outs/repair/re-profiling. We can supply and install new or rebuilt components. Our mobile services bring the shop to you, giving the same high-quality work for locomotives that cannot be moved due to interchange restrictions. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE/INSPECTIONS RMSI can handle your 92/368/1104 day FRA inspections, giving you complete confidence that your locomotives will meet all requirements. We can check over the rest of your locomotives’ systems as well, including fluids, brakes, electrical, and air, catching problems and fixing them while they are small. AUXILIARY POWER SYSTEMS RMSI specializes in the installation of Hotstart systems. With rising fuel costs these systems are becoming more valuable than ever to help reduce diesel consumption. We can help you select the system that fits your carbody and your budget.
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Locomotive Division
Diesel, Hydraulic, Air and Electrical Engine Service and Maintenance.
Rail Mechanical Services offers complete locomotive, railcar and infrastructure construction, maintenance and site evaluation.